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History of our Hog Roasts

A hog roast (sometimes called a pig roast) is an event or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole pig.


The tradition of the hog roast goes back millennia and is found in many cultures. Hog roasts, under a variety of names, are a common traditional celebration event in many places including the PhilippinesPuerto Rico and Cuba. It is also popular in the United States, especially in the state of Hawaii (a luau) and in the Southern United States (pig pickin'). In Southeast Asia, a pig roast is a staple among the Buddhist, and Christian communities, notably among Catholic Filipinos and Hindu Balinese people, or Buddhist Chinese people.

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British Heritage

In the UK, the tradition of pig roasting, more commonly known in the UK as a "hog roast", is popular on many occasions, particularly parties and celebrations. It is an outdoor event, and a staple meal at many show events. The tradition is to roast either on a spit, turning the pig under a flame, or in a large oven in a roasting pan; roasting pigs around 130 lbs (60 kg) in weight are common in the UK. The pig is roasted in a propane gas machine. The pig's skin is scored with a sharp blade and covered in water and salt to make the crackling. In ancient times, going all the way back to the Saxons, roasting a wild boar was often the centerpiece of a meal at Yuletide, with Yule being Freya's feast. The head was often the greatest delicacy, as evidenced by the survival of the Boar's Head Carol.

Our History

British Hog Roasts was born out of a deep-rooted passion for catering and a strong family legacy. Established in August 2022 by Steven Brosnan, the foundation of our business dates back to 2010 when Steven's father created a small catering enterprise. From a young age, Steven spent countless weekends working closely with his father, learning invaluable skills and techniques that would later shape his culinary journey. Over the span of 12 years, Steven immersed himself in the world of catering, eventually deciding to carry on the family tradition when he moved away from home. British Hog Roasts is the culmination of a lifetime of dedication, hard work, and love for the craft. Today, we proudly provide top-notch hog roast catering services, creating memorable experiences for our clients while honoring the legacy of the family business that inspired it all.

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